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We’ve finally made it! Here’s the English version of Lapo’s book. Pappapoppa has become Yummytummy and Mamma Mu, well, is just Mommy-Moo.

I want to thank all of my foodie friends for their contribution and their help with the names for the English version, especially Raymund from Ang Sarap (yes, we used two of your names, Cheddar the Mouse and Hopper the Rabbit).

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you like it, though you can preview only few pages on

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At last. We made it. Me and my friend Christina, I mean. We managed to finish the book for Lapo’s first birthday (yuppie!!!). The little calf Pappapoppa and his friend the baby chick Giosuè have finally come to life. Come to life but not come to our hands, yet, because we placed the order yesterday on and we’re waiting for it to arrive. In time for Lapo’s birthday, of course (May, 5). Yes, I know that Lapo won’t be able to read it for – well, some years – but we do hope to give him for his birthday all the same.

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Some of you may think I’ve vanished from the blogosphere, some others that I quitted cooking for ever: well, none of the kind. I’ve just been busy. With life. What does that mean? Oh, nothing special. The fact is that after having spent three months at my parents’, I’ve just come back home. My home. Well, with hubs and baby, of course. For those who still don’t know, I broke my leg and we all had to move to my parents’ for a while. That is till I was perfectly recovered. Not that I’m perfectly recovered now, but I dare say I’m ok. I walk!

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I thought it was time to have a break from food and recipes to show you something I’m really proud of.  This is a pretty odd post for the Culinary Taste, I know, but it holds a special place in my heart. In May my baby will turn 1! Yes, a year’s almost gone (already?!) and I wanted to celebrate this event with something unique.

A book.

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