Along came the book: the adventures of a little calf and a baby chick

At last. We made it. Me and my friend Christina, I mean. We managed to finish the book for Lapo’s first birthday (yuppie!!!). The little calf Pappapoppa and his friend the baby chick Giosuè have finally come to life. Come to life but not come to our hands, yet, because we placed the order yesterday on and we’re waiting for it to arrive. In time for Lapo’s birthday, of course (May, 5). Yes, I know that Lapo won’t be able to read it for – well, some years – but we do hope to give him for his birthday all the same.

The book is in Italian, of course, but Chris and I are planning to make an English version to be published on, too. So now we’re struggling to find the English names for the animals in the farm. We need names for a butterfly, a sheep, a lamb, a mouse, a rabbit and a caterpillar. Do you feel like racking your brains?

E alla fine arriva il libro: le avventure di un vitellino e di un pulcino

Alla fine ce l’abbiamo fatta. Io e la mia amica Christina, intendo. Siamo riuscite a finire il libro per il primo compleanno di Lapo (yuppie!!!). Il vitellino Pappapoppa e il suo amico, il pulcino Giosuè, sono finalmente giunti alla vita. Giunti alla vita, ma non nelle nostre mani perché abbiamo fatto l’ordine su solo ieri e stiamo aspettando che arrivi. In tempo per il compleanno di Lapo, ovviamente (5 maggio). Sì, lo so che Lapo non sarà in grado di leggerlo per – beh, qualche anno – ma noi speriamo di darglielo lo stesso per il compleanno. 

Il libro è in italiano, ovviamente, ma io e Chris stiamo progettando anche la versione inglese da pubblicare su Così adesso ci stiamo scervellando per trovare i nomi inglesi per gli animali della fattoria. Abbiamo bisogno dei nomi per la farfalla, la pecora, l’agnello, il topo, il coniglio e il bruco. Ve la sentite di spremervi le meningi? 

  1. How very exciting Rita. Congratulations to you and your friend. Your son will treasure this book always. Not sure if your creatures are male or female so hope these names help you. 😉
    Betty Butterfly
    Cheryl Sheep
    Lindsey Lamb
    Martha Mouse
    Rodney Rabbit
    Katie Caterpillar
    🙂 Mandy

  2. Cindy said:

    Beautiful, I like the names that Mandy came up with 🙂

  3. Rita said:

    You’re right, Cindy: Mandy’s names are really pretty!
    Thanks Mandy! 😀
    Yes, I forgot to mention that the butterfly and the sheep are female and the other animals are male… 😛
    Anyway, Betty Butterfly and Rodney Rabbit are really awesome! 😉

  4. Congratulations! I think a cow named Spot would be funny, or Sparky since those are traditionally dog names. But my wife will tell you I’m not always as clever as I think.

  5. I love this game! Lucas Lamb, Marcus Mouse, Fingers the caterpillar 😀 Congrats on your book, how exciting!!

  6. Rita said:

    You’re so creative, guys! Thanks for the suggestions!! Some are really good! 🙂
    If we choose some names among these, you’ll be mentioned in the book. Ok, it’s a self-published and self-promoted book, but it’s still a book! 😛

  7. Sally said:

    Rita, so excited for this! What are the italian names for these cute animals? would love to add my two cents. I’ve missed you!

    • Rita said:

      The buttefly is Isotta (farfalla Isotta); the sheep is Bea (pecora Bea); the lamb Nello (agnello Nello); the mouse Lapo 😛 (Lapo topo); the rabbit is Azeglio (coniglio Azeglio) and the caterpillar Ludovico (bruco Ludovico). We’ve already found the names for Pappapoppa the calf (but this is a surprise… 😉 ).
      P.S. I’ve missed you, too!! 🙂

  8. Tandy said:

    how fantastic Rita! My god daughter calls butterflies blutterflies! I call them flutterbyes 🙂

  9. Congratulations for finishing it!
    Now for the names here are my ideas
    butterfly – Flutter
    sheep – Wooly
    mouse – Cheddar
    rabbit – Hopper

  10. Call them Tom, Dick and Harry. lol
    Congratulations, your kid will love it

  11. The book looks adorable and the illustrations are beautiful! Such great names have been mentioned, however I really like the suggestions rsmacaalay made (Flutter, Wooly, Cheddar and Hopper), too cute :o)

    • Rita said:

      I totally agree. Raymond mentioned such beautiful names… But I must say everyone here mentioned beautiful names! What will I choose? 😛

  12. Wow, Rita! What a great accomplishment! And sweet little Lapo will have a wonderful memento for all time. 🙂 Did you guys draw those animals yourselves? How did that work? LOL

    • Rita said:

      My friend Christina draw the animals and made the illustrations. I think she draw them using a computer program (I’m not an expert, though… :P). I created the characters and wrote the story and she illustrated it. If you want to know more, Steph, you can visit her blog at
      She’ll be glad to explain how she did it! 🙂

  13. Blurb is amazing. I’m working on a couple books, too. Can’t wait to read the English version of yours!

    • Rita said:

      So I want to know about your books when they’re ready. I’m curious!! Cookbooks on sauces, I suppose… 😛

  14. Celia said:

    Congrats on the book! What a wonderful project. My Italian is probably right about first grade level at this point (how easy it is to forget languages), so I’ll definitely check it out and get some good practice. 🙂

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