Work in progress 2: a new illustration for Lapo’s book

Some of you may think I’ve vanished from the blogosphere, some others that I quitted cooking for ever: well, none of the kind. I’ve just been busy. With life. What does that mean? Oh, nothing special. The fact is that after having spent three months at my parents’, I’ve just come back home. My home. Well, with hubs and baby, of course. For those who still don’t know, I broke my leg and we all had to move to my parents’ for a while. That is till I was perfectly recovered. Not that I’m perfectly recovered now, but I dare say I’m ok. I walk!

Well, being away form home for three months implies a lot of complications under the form of cleaning and tidying up. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Cleaning and tidying up. Plus gardening, pruning, planting, etc. (our abandoned garden was a mess after this cold winter…). Of course, I’ve been cooking but I had no time neither to take pictures nor to write the recipe (except for today when Mario took some beautiful pics for the cotognata post!). Not being able to show you a good recipe, I thought to bring you up to date on Lapo’s book. My friend Chris is working hard and she’s made some more wonderful illustrations for Lapo’s birthday book. This is the one she coloured.

I, on my part, downloaded the program (or application or whatever you may call it) from Blurb and I’m trying to understand how to use it. Mh, I’m a bit skeptical and confused… Will I manage to print the book by May 5th? Time flies, that is the question… And this statement reminds me of the fact that I should get down to work instead of having fun on the blog. Yes, because besides all the things I have to do these days (cleaning, tidying up, gardening, walking and yes, being a mom), I should also write a speech for a very important conservation congress that will take place on March 31st. Yep, I’m the one who speaks. No comment. And no laughs. I’m already scared to death…

Work in progress 2: una nuova illustrazione per il libro di Lapo

Alcuni di voi penseranno che sono sparita dalla blogosfera, altri che ho abbandonato per sempre la cucina. Niente del genere: Ho solo avuto un po’ da fare. Con la vita. Che significa? Oh, niente di speciale. Il fatto è che, dopo tre mesi a casa dei miei, sono tornata a casa. La mia casa. Con marito e bimbo, ovvio. Per chi ancora non lo sapesse, mi sono rotta una gamba e ci siamo dovuti trasferire tutti dai miei per un po’. Cioè finché non fossi del tutto guarita. Non che sia del tutto guarita, ma diciamo che sto bene. Cammino!

Beh, stare lontano da casa per tre mesi porta un sacco di complicazioni sotto forma di pulire e riordinare. Ed è ciò che ho fatto ultimamente. Pulire e riordinare. Più gardinaggio, potature, semine, ecc. (il giardino era un disastro dopo il freddo inverno…). Ovviamente ho anche cucinato, ma non ho avuto tempo né di fare foto né di scrivere le ricette (a parte oggi che Mario ha fatto un po’ di belle foto per il post della cotognata!). Non avendo potuto mostrare una buona ricetta, I pensato di aggiornarvi sul libro di Lapo. La mia amica Chris sta lavorando sodo e ha fatto alcune nuove illustrazioni bellissime. Questa è una a colori.

Io, da parte mia, ho scaricato il programma (o applicazione o come si chiama) da Blurb e sto cercando di capire come funziona. Mmm, sono un po’ scettica e confusa… Riuscirò a stampare il libro entro il 5 maggio? Il tempo vola, questo è il problema… E questa affermazione mi ricorda che dovrei mettermi sotto a lavorare, anziché divertirmi sul blog. Già, perché oltre a tutte le cose che ho da fare in questi giorni (pulire, riordinare, giardinare, camminare e sì, fare la mamma), dovrei scrivere un intervento per un importante convegno di restauro che avrà luogo il 31 marzo. Sì, sono io quella che parlerà. Nessun commento. E nessuna risata, Sono già spaventata a morte…

  1. Cindy said:

    I’m glad to read that you’re walking again. Love the illustration. Best of luck with all your deadlines, I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂

  2. So pleased you are back on your feet again and the illustration is absolutely lovely.
    I am sure you will have it all sorted and printed by 5th May.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. Tandy said:

    glad you are all better Rita 🙂

  4. Love the coloured in illustration! By the sounds of it you need to take a deep breath, clear your head and get to work! Busy, busy, good luck with everything! It’s a good job women are excellent multi taskers is all I can say!!

  5. Rita said:

    Thank you girls, for your support. I appreciate it very much! I’m sorry not to be so present but Lapo and I are ill at the moment… poor us! 😦

  6. Fair enough reason.
    Sometimes life has to take over.
    It must feel liberating to be walking again

  7. Wow that’s nice to hear that you are walking again, I am sure you will run in no time!

  8. Amanda said:

    So glad to hear that you are home now, Rita. Being in your own bed always makes life so much happier, doesn’t it!

  9. Sorry to hear that you broke your leg, but happy to hear that you are back home and able to walk again. I understand the life taking over from blogging completely as my Little Monkey has just done the same thing.
    The coloured illustrations look wonderful Rita.

  10. Sally said:

    Rita, so glad you are more or less recovered….what an ordeal! The illustrations are adorable!!!!!! Maybe your broken leg contributed to a whole new line of thinking/writing/work for you. I think you have many talents and therefore find it hard to decide just what to do with them. Twists and turns are good 🙂 You will soon manage everything, I am sure. Just one step at a time!!

  11. i know what you mean about being away from your blog. I have guilt when i don’t update it regularly… but how are you supposed to live life and add good stuff to your blog at the same time!!! I’ve resigned to the fact that I’ll probably only update a couple times a month max :))

  12. Rita said:

    Thanks for your kindness and support, guys! 🙂
    I’m afraid I won’t be able to update the blog regularly but the important thing is to have fun while I do it! 😛

  13. Here’s to a quick recovery!

    Your illustrations are fantastic! I wish I had a talent like that…my drawing skills stop at stick figures. 🙂

    • Rita said:

      Thanks! But for the illustrations I must thank my friend Christina: she’s the author. I only wrote the story… 😛

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