A Matter of Style: Our First Blogger Award

Yes. The first blogger award we ever received is a matter of style: the Stylish Blogger Award. I must thank Lauren and Chrissy from From the Little Yellow Kitchen for thinking of and nominate us. Thank you so much, girls! You’ve added a little of your zest to what we do best (at least, to what we try to do best…)!

Here’s what an awarded blogger needs to do to deserve this amazing award:

1.  Make a post & link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2.  Share 7 things about yourself.
3.  Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers.
4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

7 things you may want to know about the ones behind the Culinary Taste (aka Rita & Mario)

1. Rita planted a quince tree in the garden only and exclusively because she wanted to make quince jam. However, it turned out to be a beautiful tree, also.

2. Mario’s favourite author is Isaac Asimov; Rita’s is Jane Austen; but we both have a crush on the Harry Potter saga.

3. Mario, who is an engeneer, taught Rita how to use a computer (before meeting him, she hated computers and anything dealing with technology); Rita, who is a conservator and the artistic side of the family, taught Mario to love and appreciate arts.

4. We never had a proper honeymoon, that is we never went on a trip to one of those fantastic places where newlyweds go to, simply because we had no more money (we spent all we had for the wedding and the house…). We just stayed at home, but it was the loveliest honeymoon we could ever had.

5. Rita’s birthday is on October 9th, the day John Lennon was born and Che Guevara died (in different years, of course); Mario’s birthday is on August 26th, the day the Mongolfier brothers were born; our son’s birthday is on May 5th, the day Napoleon died.

6. The very first time we met, Mario’s head was completely shaved (??), while Rita was blond (????) and was talking on the phone hidden under the table in a restaurant (?????). How we fell in love is still a mistery… if you consider that on our first date out, Rita knocked over the glass of coke twice and spilt the content on poor Mario (well, he kept calling Rita by his ex-girlfriend’s name…).

7. Rita says that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and Mario totally agrees…

And now, here’s the list of Rita’s favourite 10 recently discovered bloggers (ok, not all are recently discovered…). And the nominees are…

Bake Cupcakes
bouffe délicieuse
Fresh and Foodie
Lamb’s Ears and Honey
Melting Butter
My Salty & Sweet Kitchen
Okie Dokie Artichokie
The Complete Cook Book Blog
The only Cin
The Year in Food

Please, be so kind to stop by these blogs: to leave a comment or simply to have a look. They will surprise you as they surprised me.

Una questione di stile: il nostro primo premio blogger

Già. Il nostro primo premio blogger è una questione di stile: lo Stylish Blogger Award. Devo ringraziare Lauren and Chrissy di From the Little Yellow Kitchen per averci pensato e nominato. Grazie mille, ragazze! Avete aggiunto un po’ di gusto a ciò che facciamo meglio (o cerchiamo di fare meglio…)!

Ecco cosa deve fare il blogger premiato per meritarsi questo fantastico premio:

1.  Fare un post e linkare la persona che vi ha premiato.
2.  Condividere 7 cose su voi stessi.
3.  Premiare 10 fantastici blogger che avete scoperto di recente.
4.  Contattare questi blogger e dire loro che hanno vinto!

7 cose che potreste voler saper su coloro che stanno dietro a the Culinary Taste (cioè Rita & Mario)

1. Rita ha piantato un cotogno in giardino solo ed esclusivamente perché voleva fare la marmellata di mele cotogne. Ad ogni modo è risultato essere anche un bell’albero.

2. L’autore preferito di Mario è Isaac Asimov; quella di Rita è Jane Austen; ma tutti e due siamo pazzi per la saga di Harry Potter.

3. Mario, che è ingegnere, ha insegnato a Rita ad usare il computer (prima di conoscere Mario, odiava i computer e tutto quello che ci aveva a che fare); Rita, che è una restauratrice e il lato artistico della famiglia, ha insegnato a Mario ad amare e apprezzare l’arte.

4. Non abbiamo mai avuto una vera e propria luna di miele, nel senso che non siamo mai andati in viaggio in uno di quei posti fantastici dove di solito vanno gli sposini, semplicemente perché avevamo finito i soldi (li avevamo spesi tutti per il matrimonio e la casa…). Siamo rimasti a casina, ma è stata la luna di miele più bella che potessimo avere.

5. Il compleanno di Rita è il 9 ottobre, il giorno in cui è nato John Lennon ed è morto Che Guevara (in anni diversi, ovviamente); il compleanno di Mario è il 26 agosto, il giorno in cui sono nati i fratelli Mongolfier; il compleanno del nostro bimbo è il 5 maggio, il giorno in cui è morto Napoleone.

6. La prima volta che ci siamo incontrati, Mario era rasato a zero (??), mentre Rita era bionda (????) e stava parlando al telefono da sotto il tavolo in un ristorante (?????). Come ci siamo innamorati rimane ancora un mistero… se considerate che al primo appuntamento Rita ha rovesciato due volte il bicchiere della coca cola addosso al povero Mario (beh, lui chiamava Rita con il nome della sua ex-fidanzata…).

7. Rita dice che la strada per il cuore di un uomo passa attraverso la gola e Mario è d’accordo in pieno…

E adesso, ecco la lista dei 10 blogger preferiti da Rita e scoperti di recente (ok, non tutti sono stati scoperti di recente…). E i nominati sono…

Bake Cupcakes
bouffe délicieuse
Fresh and Foodie
Lamb’s Ears and Honey
Melting Butter
My Salty & Sweet Kitchen
Okie Dokie Artichokie
The Complete Cook Book Blog
The only Cin
The Year in Food

Per favore, se potete andate su questi blog, per lasciare un commento o solo per dare un’occhiata. Vi sorprenderanno come hanno sorpreso me.

  1. Shirley said:

    hello.. I dont get it is this a website Rita and Mario created? it is nice! loved the 7 things you may want to know about the ones behind the Culinary Taste,, congrats 🙂

    • Rita said:

      Thank you so much Shirley!! And thanks for stopping by. We hope you like our blog and you had fun reading our crazy adventures… 😛

  2. can i award italian bloggers too? 🙂 i have already written the post, it’s just waiting for me to push the “publish” button 🙂

    • Rita said:

      Why not? Style has neither limits nor boundaries… 😛 I was uncertain whether to award your Italian or your English blog, then I chose the latter… 🙂

  3. Excellent! I feel so honored!! :-p I am posting tomorrow so I will definitely have to incorporate this in somehow. Ooooh. Thanks, Rita! You are so sweet!! XOXO

    • Rita said:

      How could I leave my friend Stephanie behind? Then, I love your blog! It’s soooo stylish! 😉

  4. Cindy said:

    Thank you so much, this is indeed a honour.
    I loved learning more about Rita and Mario and would love to read the story behind why Rita was under the table in the restaurant 🙂

    • Rita said:

      😛 Oh, well, the story is easy. We were in this restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We were more than 20 people at the table (Mario and I were both guests but we didn’t know each other: that was the very first time we met). Well, my phone rang. There was such a noise in the restaurant that I wanted to slip away and go outdoors so that I could hear the conversation. But I couldn’t leave the table because I was squeezed between the other guests and I had to make all the others stand up to let me leave. What did I do then? I just slipped under the table so that I could finally talk on the phone. Mario fell in love with me then… Love’s a mistery… 😉

  5. Thanks again Rita, for the honour! It is special to be thought of as a Stylish Blogger. 😉
    I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you and Mario.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Rita said:

      Thank you Mandy! I’m glad you feel honoured. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for the award Rita! I am absolutely chuffed 🙂 I’m on holidays in Australia for 6 weeks so will try to find the time to repost…although I must say, it will be VERY difficult to come up with 7 things to say about myself – it’s always hard to write about yourself, just look at my ‘about’ page as an example! 🙂

    Take care and thanks again 🙂 x

    • Rita said:

      I perfectly understand you! Mario and I had some difficulties in finding 7 things to say about us. It seems easy but it isn’t AT ALL!!! I mean, of course there are loads of things to say about oneself, but when you have to think of something, nothing comes to your mind… 😛 Blank page… 😉

  7. Sally said:

    Rita, Thank you! I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do, maybe nothing, but I truly appreciate it and I look forward to delving into the other bloggers’ sites. I am in the midst of moving my site to wordpress. Without realizing it, I chose this template–stylish minds think and see alike 🙂 It could take me a while since I’m a bit slow on the techno side of things and have no one in my family to help with that.

    I am flattered that you considered me, especially since I am feeling not so stylish, but heading in a better direction. More on this later. Meanwhile, I was happy to find out about you and Mario and your honeymoon! sounds pretty romantic if you ask me. xxoo Sally

    • Rita said:

      Thank you Sally! You’re always so kind!! I can’r wait to see your renewed wordpress blog: let me know how you manage to make it, so I can learn something more… 😛

  8. Comngratulations.
    Who doesn’t have a crush on the harry potter saga.
    It’s a fantastic story that goes on forever. lol

  9. Thank you Rita! So sweet. Your first date story is funny!

  10. Amanda said:

    Thanks so very much for this honour Rita – it has quite caught me by surprise!
    And I am surely going to struggle to find 7 even vaguely interesting things about myself.

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